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1968 Unequalled Equals (President - 76 141 IT)

         Equals Explosion (President - 76 951 IT)

         Sensational Equals (President - 77 599 IT)

         Equals Supreme (President - 78 603 IT)

1969 Equals strike again (President - 80 043 IT)

1970 Equals at the top (President - 80 494 IT)

1973 Equals rock around the clock (President - 87 292 IT)

1976 Born ya (Mercury)

1978 Mystic syster (Ice Records)

1995 Roots (CD) (Jero Records - DTM 26310)



1967: I wonīt be there/Fire (Ariola - 19 294 AT)

         Baby come back/Hold me closer (President - 19 456 AT)

         Police on my back/You got too many boyfriends (President - 19 750 AT)

1968: I get so excited/The skies above (President - 19 946 AT)

         Laurel and Hardy/Giddy up a ding dong (President - 14 066 AT)

         Softly softly/Lonely Rita (President 14 159 AT)

1969: Green light/Love potion (President - 14 240 AT)

         Michael and the slipper tree/Honey gum (President - 14 287 AT)

         Viva Bobby Joe/Instant love (President - 14 402 AT)

         Viva Bobby Joe/I canīt let you go (Indien) (Stateside - ESS. 113)

1970: Rub a dub dub/Butterfly red white and blue (President - 14 486 AT)

         Soul brother Clifford/Happy birthday girl (President - 14 539 AT)

         I can see but you donīt know/Gigolo Sam (President - 14 620 AT)

         Letīs go to the moon/Watching the girls (President 14 712 AT)

         Rub a dub dub/After the lights go down low (Indien) (Stateside ESS. 124)

1971: Black skin blue eyed boys/Ainīt got nothing to give you (President - 14 791 AT)

         Help me Simone/Love potion (President - 10 125 AT)

1972: Funky Funky/Letīs do it again (President - 10 747 AT)

         I canīt let you go/Lonely (President 12 034 AT)

         Have I the right/Lover let me go (President 12 217 AT)

         Stand up and be counted/What would you do to survive (CBS 7874)

1973: Honey bee/Put some rock and roll in your soul (President - 12 943 AT)

         I wonīt be there/Baby come back (Pop Gold) (President - 13 017 AT)

         Diversion/Here today, gone tomorrow (President - 13 214 AT)

1974: Hang up my rock and roll shoes/She lives for today (President - 13 366 AT)

1975: Georgetown Girl/Weīve got it all worked out (President 16 164 AT)

1977: Beautiful clown/Daily love (President 11 893 AT)

1981: Baby come back/Viva Bobby Joe (Profile) (Teldec - 6.13048 AC)

1986: Viva Bobby Joe/Black is black (Oldies Original Stars) (Bellaphon - 100-07-396)



1983: The Equals (6 Track - EP) (England) (Scoop - 7SR 5007)



1981: Profile (Teldec - 6.24605)

1984: 20 Greatest Hits (Picture-LP) (Astan - PD 20050)

1985: Baby come back (Astan Platinum-Serie - PLP 27)



1989: Come back (Drive - Drive CD 3057)

1991: Baby come back - The Collection (Object Enterprises - ORO 136)

1993: The Best of The Equals (Polydor - 517 196-2)

         The very best of The Equals (See for miles - SEECD 374)

         Baby come back (Success - PK 510)

1994: First among Equals - The Greatest Hits (DoCD) (Ice Records - 941902)

1996: Greatest Hits (Repertoire Records - REP-4572-WZ)

1997: Equals Supreme/Sensational Equals + 3 Bonustracks (Repertoire Records - REP 4673-WP)

1999: Black skin blue eyed boys - The Anthology (DoCD) (Castle Music/Sequel Records - NEECD 336)

A - Seite :

Baby come back

Canīt find a girl to love me

Hold me closer

Ding - Dong

My life ainīt easy

Iīm a poor man

B - Seite

I wonīt be there

You lied just to save your name

To the church


Hey baby, itīs time you got going

Canīt you hear that melody

B- Seite

You got too many boy friends


Let her dance

Leaving you is hard to do

Youīd better tell her

She reminds me of spring in the winter

A - Seite

Giddy - up - a - ding dong

Another sad and lonley night

Iīve got to have a little

Granny , Granny

Police on my back

Give love a try

A - Seite

I get so excidet

Is it right



Look what youīve done to my daughter

The guy who made her a star

B - Seite

Soul groovinī

Laurel & Hardy

I donīt want to know

The skies above

Butterfly red white & blue

Good times are gone forever


Baby come back

My life ainīt easy

Police on my back

Another sad and loneley night

You got too many boyfriends

Hold me closer

B - Seite

I wonīt be there

Laurel & Hardy

Soul groovinī

Giddy up a ding dong

The guy who made her a star

I get so excited

A - Seite

Softly , softly


Iīm gonna dance all night

Just me and you

Baby donīt cry

Sunday morning

B - Seite

Green light

Lonley Rita

All i wanna do is love you

Love potion

Be my baby tonight

Ooh that kiss

A - Seite

Viva Bobby Joe

Ainīt got nothing to give you

Letīs go to the moon

Bang bang goodbye

My little school girl

Mary Jane

B - Seite

Michael and the slipper tree

A room of doom

Instant love

After the lights go down low

No love can be sweeter

Honey gum

A - Seite

I can see , but you donīt know

Every step I made

Help me Simone

Nature girl

Big man show your strength

Rub a dub dub

B - Seite

Happy birthday girl

Apache Creek

Watching the girls

Gigolo Sam

Mandy Dandy

Soul Brother Clifford

Seite 1                                                            Seite 2                                          Soul Brother Clifford                                    Viva Bobby Joe                             My life ainīt easy                                           Giddy up a ding dong                  Hold ne closer                                               Green light                                  Softly, softly                                                   Love potion                                 Canīt find a girl to love me                           Michael and the slipper tree    Letīs go to the moon                                     I can see, but you donīt know

Seite 3                                                            Seite 4                                         Rub a dub dub                                              Baby, come back                       Happy birthday girl                                      To the church                             I wonīt be there                                             She reminds me in spring of                                                                               the winter                                   Gigolo Sam                                                     Mandy Dandy                             Fire                                                                 I get so excited                       Hey baby, itīs time you got going            Police on my back

A - Seite


Put some rock & roll in your soul

Cooga Mooga

shotgun Sally

Friday night

Honey bee

B - Seite


Sea cruise

Long tall Sally

Johnny B. Goode

Shout shout (Knock yourself out

Rock around the clock

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